Greek yoghurt and apricot ‘eggs’

Jelly-fied, greek yoghurt with a hint of vanilla topped with a juicy apricot. Dessert just got healthy.


How do you like yer eggs in the mornin’? Scrambled? Boiled? Sunny side up? Either way, if you have a sweettooth and you’re looking for something somewhat healthy, you will love this quirky little creation.

So, I’ve been on a ‘healthy eating’ diet trying to cut out junk and sugar – oh god, I can already hear some of you laughing at the very thought of me trying to dejunk myself. To be honest, I laugh at it too. A sugar free Dainty Cook, c’est possible?! I’m trying! Back to the point, this is pretty much very similar to my pan egg dessert (I might slightly be obsessed with making things look like eggs), except it’s made predominantly from low fat greek yoghurt and barely any sugar! It tastes good and looks pretty cute me thinks.



250ml of (low fat) greek yoghurt
250ml semi skimmed milk
Few drops of vanilla paste or extract with seeds
3/4 teaspoons of sugar
130ml boiled water
4 and a half teaspoons of powdered gelatine.
A can of peach or apricot halves.


How to make this sunny side up egg:

  • Combine the greek yoghurt and milk and whisk away using a hand whisk until combined.
  • Add the vanilla and sugar. The seeds in the paste will act as pepper if you put in enough.
  • To the boiled water, sprinkle in the powdered gelatine and then mix until it has completely dissolved into the water. Add this to the yoghurt mix and whisk so its all mixed together.
  • Pour into mini (or any size of your choice) fry pans to make them look like they’re fried eggs. Then, pop them in the fridge. They should take about two hours to fully set. Similarly, you can pour this into any deep, fully lined container and then cut out circles with a round cookie cutter when set.
  • Once set, place the apricot halves on the jellfied yoghurt to make it look like the yolk. As the apricot halves come in syrup, don’t completely drain the syrup off of them, as this will act as the egg white.

yoghurt egg

And you’re ready to serve the eggs. This goes well with a healthy banana and chocolate loaf, which also looks like toast. Here however, I’ve used madiera cake for the photos, because the mother practically ate all my cake before I could photograph it for this!

I also added pepper for photographing purposes, I was testing new lighting, so it sort of screened out the vanilla seeds, many apologies for the dodgy-ish photos.


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Dainty Cook.


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