Best ever Tiramisu Milkshake

Tiramisu milkshake. A dessert, but as a shake what more is there to say, except it’s absolutely divine?

tiramisu milkshake

A delicious concotion of marscapone, coffee ice cream and spongefingers in a drink, you have got to try this, at least for my sake.

First things first, this has got to be one of the best shakes I’ve had in a while. Yes, I am a tiramisu lover so I could be biased and I do love coffee, but drinking this made me feel all kinds of happy. 

So I made Tiramisu on the weekend, as requested by my visiting brother-in-law. I didn’t have quite enough marscapone preceding to add more egg whites and cream – kind of making an impromptu tiramisu that does the job. Now, there are some people who are sensitive to having raw egg whites, or even yolks. I am one of those people. I’m alright in small amounts or sometimes even, but not this weekend. My stomach was not happs at all. I had to reluctantly watch my family helping themselves to creamy coffee tastiness while my tummy moaned relentlessly.

A few days later and my sweettooth cravings practically attacked me. I was in the mood for a milkshake and I didn’t know which. Sadly, Oreos and vanilla ice cream didn’t do the trick and then it dawned upon me, I could make tiramisu as a drink!


After tasting my master piece, i was in milkshake heaven. I must confess. I made this for breakfast. My tastebuds screamed with ecstasy. The spongey texture with each sip, the smooth creamy consistency from the marscapone and my sweet caffiene fix from the coffee ice cream. Why hadn’t I tried this any sooner?

Anyway rambling’s over. I’ll let you do the judging once you have a go yourself.


250ml milk
Approx 7 sponge fingers
Approx 200ml of brewed black coffee
2 large scoops of coffee ice cream*
One large tablespoon of marscapone
Chocolate syrup (optional)
Whipped cream (canned will do)
Cocoa powder to dust
*If you don’t have coffee ice cream at hand you can use vanilla ice cream instead and add about a teaspoon or less of instant coffee to the milk to give it that hint of coffee. Similarly add more if you like.

The magic trick:

  • Prepare your glass. In vertical zig zag motions squeeze the chocolate syrup onto the sides of the glass while turning it around as you squeeze. Don’t add too much as it will drip. Then again, no one is complaining about extra chocolate.
  • Soak 4-5 sponge fingers in the brewed coffee and add to your blending cup and blend. It will be a bit chunky, but thats how it’s supposed to be. You could add a tablespoon of the black coffee if you wish for more coffee. Place the blended sponge fingers at the base of your glass.
  • Next in the blending cup add the milk, two more soaked sponge fingers (you can skip this part of you don’t have enough), the coffee ice cream and the marscapone cheese. Then blend away for a few seconds or more depending on your desired consistency.
  • Lastly pour it in your choccy coated glass, top with loads of whipped cream, sprinkle on a dash of cocoa powder and pop in an extra sponge finger to decorate.
  • Get your straw and enjoy!

Ah man, writing this recipe is making me want some more, but I’m trying to watch my calories. Oh the struggles of having a sweettooth and being a girl!


Also, check out my Tiramisu milkshake YouTube video:

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Dainty Cook.

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