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Greek yoghurt and apricot ‘eggs’


Jelly-fied, greek yoghurt with a hint of vanilla topped with a juicy apricot. Dessert just got healthy.


How do you like yer eggs in the mornin’? Scrambled? Boiled? Sunny side up? Either way, if you have a sweettooth and you’re looking for something somewhat healthy, you will love this quirky little creation. (more…)

Cheesecake Chocolate Eggs

Posing as real half boiled eggs, alongside servings of sweet puff pastry soldiers, these would be an amazing treat for Easter or if you want to create something a little quirky. So simple to make and with so much of a wow factor, these must be top of your to-do list. 


Mushroom ‘Mould’ Cake.

A dense dark chocolate truffle cake, filled with chocolate cream and ruby-red raspberries, you would have to be a right fool to not eat this peculiar beauty. 

Yes, you read that correctly. I have indeed posted a recipe stating how to make a ‘mouldy’ mushroom CAKE. This cake has definitely gone off the radar (ha, see what I did there – gone off – did you get it? You got it right?!) for simultaneously pertaining to be ‘disgusting’, indulgent and über cool. It takes vintage to it’s literal meaning.




Vanilla crème brûlée, with strawberry, white chocolate spoons and a smooth salted caramel disc – topped with crunchy honeycomb pieces. 

Mouth watering yet?

I can’t deny that this is one of my ultimate fave desserts. The baked creamy goodness that instantly melts on your tongue, exposing its vanilla flavour as it begins to tango with your tastebuds.


Swan Lake Pastries

Choux pastry, shaped as elegant little swans, filled with chantilly cream and gorgeous strawberryies.

Who said the only form of art is a painting? Baking is also an art involving the correct blend of ingredients, the right balance of flavours and textures in order to concoct a masterpiece. A masterpiece that all will want to ferociously devour, yet would hesitate in doing so, because of it’s impressive countenance and the dedicated craftwork it took to assemble. The idiom ‘feast one’s eyes upon would come to perfect use in this instance.