I have a dangerous love affair with food. The diet sorely loses as soon as my eyes fixate upon a tasty treat. They will forever win my heart.

Sweet tooth. That’s me. Desserts, puddings, cakes, patisserie, biscuits and chocolates – you name it – I love it.

Just as much as I adore eating them, I love baking and making them. For me, baking is an enjoyably de-stressing hobby. When my anxiety was at it’s peak, baking helped me to keep it at bay, as my mind was occupied in the intricacies of decorating my sugar filled friends. I still use it as a means of de-stressing amongst the stresses of life.

I believe that food should not only taste good, but look great too. After all, cooking is an art.

Initially, I started this blog to display and share my creative bakes, but as time has gone on, many have expressed an interest in other types of food items, which will hopefully be added to this blog. More content for me anyway!

Why call it ‘The Dainty Cook’?  Well, I’m a dainty individual who likes to create dainty little things.

Who am I? Apart from my baking obsession, I am an aspiring writer and journalist with a degree in English Literature & Language. I love photography. And lipstick.

If there is any recipe you would like to request, do not hesitate to contact me via the form below. Feedback is also welcome!

Dainty Cook.