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Top 10 ways to avoid hunger in Ramadan*


Are the long fasts getting to you this year round?

Are you constantly dreaming about food?

If you’ve been struggling so far, you really need to do these things…


1) Make sure you have a 3 Course meal during sehri time, DUH.

Better yet, go out to your fave restaurant or buffet place if they’re open.


Because you know, that’s how it should be done.


2) Has your hand wash ran out? Replace it with one that smells of your favourite sweetie.

Like this one that smells of sweet, gummy, strawberry-lace goodness.


3) Watch copious amounts of cookery shows: Come Dine with Me, Man vs Food and Diners Drive-Ins and Drives are my top faves.


You will NOT be craving everything and anything you see.


4) Dry lips this month? Don’t forget to wear your fave scented lip balm. Mmm Dark Chocolate and Peppermint, it reminds me of mint choc chip ice…


I mean YAY, no more chapped lips!


5) Open your fridge and sit in front of it every 10 mins or so until Maghrib, it will keep you going until then.


You got this bro.


6) Do you need to pop to Tesco’s to grab some groceries? Well then, don’t forget to walk down the bakery section! The smell of fresh choc chip cookies and vanilla sponge will make you stronger.


N’aww warrior you.


7) Don’t think about ice cream, don’t think about ice cream, don’t think about ice cream. Wait, did I hear a Mr Whippy ice cream van go by…


… Erm, Iblis, that you? :O


8) Cook ifthaar 5 hours early, Stare at it. Is eating by mental diffusion haram though, because you’re not actually swallowing food?

FullSizeRender (1)

Anyone? Mufti, where you at?


9) Sit in the cafeteria at lunch-time with your work buddies. Watch everyone eat and think about the glorious foods you could have. Envision yourself eating it.

A chip butty, pizza, fat cheesy sammich, oh boy, you’ll feel better.

grilled cheese



10) Follow, no no, STALK. Every. Single. Food blog. Out there.


Like the Dainty Cook for instance :)

There you go: hunger, WHAT HUNGER?


*On a serious: this listicle was made for humorous purposes only and should not really be acted upon.

Ramadan should be more about feeding your soul rather than your stomachs. It’s a time to do more charitable deeds, to pray more and learn more. It’s your chance of bettering yourself and your connection with the Lord. A time to practice more patience/being able to control yourself when you’re hangry (that’s a big’un for me!) If you really want to avoid hunger, work on yourself. Think about those around the world who aren’t even guaranteed one meal a day. That way, you won’t even think about food. Majority of the time, at the least!

Ramadan Kareem errry’body!


Dainty Cook x